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Man of Gatineau, Outaouais seeking woman
Good Guy

Justepourtoi @ERCL
47 years old, Heterosexual
6f7in (201 cm), Beach body
Brown hair

Important for Justepourtoi

Not Important for Justepourtoi



More about me


I speak: Français, English
I'd like to meet someone that speaks: French
Goals on Monclasseur: Love
Social status: Single
Condoms: Non negociable
Residence: Alone

Sports and Interests

Sports: Badminton, Football, Hockey, Bodybuilding, Skating, Ping pong, Diving, Alpine Skiing, Waterskiing, Squash, Tennis, Cycling
Films: Action, Comedy, Drama, Science-fiction, XXX
Outings: On terraces, See shows, At festivals, At a restaurant


My biggest quality: Comprehension
My worst flaw: Procrastination
Cigarette: I don't smoke
Travel: I love traveling around the world
My means of transportation: A car
Food: Exotic, Homemade
Kids: I have two kids
Dogs: I have a dog
My zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Important or Not

Physical appearance: Important
Money: Not Important
Humor: Important
General Culture: Important
Sport: Important
Travel: Important
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